The Zimmerman Block

This photo was donated to the museum in 1972. It was taken in 1904 and depicts a large crowd gathered in front of what was then known as Gamble's, a local dry goods store. The crowd appears to be gathered for a large sale Gamble's was having that day. The banners above the building group read, "One of our busy days. The people have caught on. The smile that won't rub off."

Construction on this group of buildings finished in 1901 and became known as the Zimmerman Block. Today, the group is home to three local businesses and organizations in downtown Siloam Springs: Savvy, The Nitche, and the Benton County Health Department. On the outside, the buildings have remained largely unchanged since they were finished, except for the fact that the facade on the top of the buildings has been removed on all but one building. 

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